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Couples & Group Therapy

Do you provide a warranty for your creations?

We offer a 1-year manufacturing default warranty on all our products. Please mind that on all apple product the Apple warranty is voided when the products are customised, we take over the one year warrant of apple. Please mind that all apple products are not waterproof/resistant and that warranty does not apply on water damage. So be aware to not take any apple product in water to keep your product safe. 

Are the phones unlocked for worldwide use?

Yes, our phones are unlocked for worldwide use.

How do I order my personalized creation?

Simply create your tailor made device with our customiser on the website, contact us by email, online or by phone. From your ideas and concepts we will then create a computer-generated image of your OJ Exclusive creation for your approval.

Couples & Group Therapy

How long does delivery of the creation take?

We work with express shipping companies to ship your order to you as quickly as possible. You can expect to receive your order within 15-30 days, variable depending on your location.  Delivery time for unique personalized creations may vary.

Is the shipping fee included in the price?

For customers outside of The Netherlands all creations under 0.99kg will have a shipping fee of 25,-.  All creations above 1kg will have incremental shipping fees of 75.

Which personalization options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of possibilities from various exotic leather colors and finishes, to hand-engraving and precious stone settings. If you are interested in our personalization services, please do not hesitate to contact our design team to bring your ideas to reality.

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